Gender Equality

Sports Focus continues to advocate for sporting environments that are safe, welcoming and inclusive of women and girls. To achieve gender equality in our sporting clubs starts with respect for women.

Sport is an important setting where gender inequality and its drivers can be challenged, and equality championed. By challenging gender inequality in community sport, we can create inclusive, equitable, healthy and safe environments for women, men, girls, boys and gender diverse people. This helps to prevent violence against women.

The thriving clubs in our community are those clubs that understand and value diversity and embrace what diversity has to offer. In doing so, they are also the ones that take proactive steps to ensure their club environment promotes fairness and equality.



Since kicking off the project in July 2022, we have engaged and consulted with a range of people from our sporting community to help determine what is already happening and what support is needed.

Click the link below to find out more about the project, results from the consultation and surveys, and what’s happening next.