Project Update – Preventing & Responding to Gendered Violence

Supporting the Readiness of Regional Sports to Prevent & Respond to Violence Against Women

Sports Focus are working in partnership with La Trobe University having received funding through Sport & Recreation Victoria’s Preventing Violence Through Sport Program for 2022-2024.

We are aiming to support local community sporting clubs and their members to better understand, prevent and respond to gendered violence in a practical way that suits the unique context of our local area.

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The initial phase of the project was to better understand our local sporting community, the challenges to preventing and responding to violence and what might work at a practical level to support clubs to address the issue. We did this by engaging with local sporting leaders, players and sports participants, industry specialists and government bodies.

The Landscape…

  • The Loddon Campaspe region is home to more than 750 sport and recreation organisations, representing over 50 different sports and recreational activities.
  • Many sports are working to increase female participation through new teams and competitions which in turn results in a more diverse membership within clubs.
  • There are very limited programs in existence to support prevention of violence or gender equality specifically in sport at a local level.
  • There are a range of programs and initiatives at a State Level aimed at driving systemic change towards gender equality

The Results…

Our results have shown that gendered violence and disrespect within our sporting community exists and is an issue for members and administrators needing to respond.

There’s a genuine desire by many to want to make change and respond to incidences, however Club volunteers require greater capacity – knowledge, skills and tools – to enable them to do this.

29% said sexist jokes, language or comments had been made


29% reported sexual harassment and

4% reported offensive or inappropriate images being shared


Sports Focus has seen an increase in complaints regarding disrespectful treatment, bullying and harassment towards women in local clubs

What Next…

The next step in the project is to fully develop concepts identified through a World Café Forum, acknowledging that every club will have different issues and need support in different ways. We need an approach which provides options for any club at any point.


As such, we are looking at a multi-faceted approach:

  • Development of a webpage (hosted by Sports Focus) as a central point for clubs to find information – a collation of all existing resources, guidance on “what to do when…”, local contacts and referral points.
  • Development of materials/resources that can be used within clubs to communicate and explain gender-based violence and how to respond.
  • Provision of resources to support a club to progress their club environment and address issues around gender-based violence and equity, including club audits, member surveys and club action plans.
  • Development of education and training options for clubs who want to progress further in embedding a safe and respectful culture.

Get involved…

We are looking for a few key people from within our region to provide input as we develop practical resources and supports that will work in our local context.

If you have an interest in providing feedback about the initiatives as they are developed; or if you’re aware of an issue related to gendered violence and disrespect at a club, that you’re passionate about addressing, please get in touch.

Contact Lauren Fawcett at Sports Focus on or phone 5442 3101 to indicate your interest and discuss further.