R U OK Days Mateship Manual

How you can help someone who’s doing it tough because of a natural disaster or emergency

Natural disasters and emergencies disrupt lives and routines. When things around us change, we change too – and what that means for us emotionally is different for everyone.

The environmental impact of the event might be immediate, as it is with flood or bushfire, but it might also develop over time, as it does with drought. Depending on what people are already dealing with in their lives, the emotional impact can be difficult for people to cope with both in the short and longer term. 

The new R U OK? Mateship Manual provides guidance and tips to help you support a family member, friend, neighbour or workmate affected by a natural disaster or an emergency now and into the future. 

To learn the signs that someone might be struggling and how to ask them “are you OK?” and provide support download your free digital copy now. 


For more information and to download the Mateship Manual, please visit the R U OK Day website.