Mental Health & Wellbeing

The community sporting sector plays an important role in not only providing physical benefits, but mental and social health benefits to its members as well. They can provide a safe space, and a trusted network where people feel socially connected. Team-based sports are great at improving resilience,  social connectedness, and overall mental health outcomes.

In order for clubs to provide this safe, welcoming and trusting space that values and support the mental wellbeing of members it is then vital that volunteer club leaders feel knowledgeable and confident to recognise and respond to the an individuals needs. 

There are programs and resources available to assist clubs to build their capacity and understanding to make a safer and more welcoming environment for all members.

Tackle Your Feelings

Sports Focus delivers the Tackle Your Feelings Program within the Loddon Campaspe region. Tackle Your Feelings is a mental health training initiative designed for community football netball clubs that strives to improve the abilities and awareness of mental health by building skills to foster an environment where players are supported to effectively manage their emotions. 

The program was inspired by a mental health education developed for AFL professional coaches and players, consisting of a face-to-face presentation from a psychologist followed by additional online learning. Key club coaches and leaders are provided with the tools to understand, recognise and manage their response to signs of mental health in their players and club members.

What is involved?

  • A 90-minute workshop with a psychologist for your coaches
  • Three online modules
  • Resources and club rewards

How does my club sign up?

CLICK HERE for more information and to register your interest

Additional Resources

You can also find more information about Mental Health support on our Resources & Information pages.