Multicultural futsal tournament

What a success! On Saturday May 18th, the Multicultural Futsal Tournament was held at the Bendigo Major League Multisport Centre, comprising of 92 players and 12 teams. Karen, Afghan-Hazara, Nepalese, African and Indian cultural groups were all present, giving the tournament a real sense of unity, community, sportsmanship and social connection.


Hosted by Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services and supported by Sports Focus, the initiative was designed as a meaningful way to bring diverse community groups together, and overcome social isolation.


With the aim of igniting discussions about gender equality and the pivotal role boys and men play in combatting violence against girls and women, sport was able to be used as a platform for meaningful change.


Jo Cahill, Project Coordinator at Sport Focus, works in the VicHealth funded Regional Sports Partnership, with a focus on increasing opportunities for young people to engage in sport, recreation and play.


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