Environmental Sustainability: what is Sports Focus doing?

Sports Focus recently adopted a new Strategic Plan. One of our new values is ‘Sustainability’. So what are we doing to try to be more sustainable?

So far, we’ve changed our electricity provider to Diamond Energy who uses solar, biogas, wind and rooftop PV energy.  They do not use energy created from coal generation, coal mining or electricity sourced from wood waste of native timber.

We have also recently implemented glass, soft-plastic and coffee pod recycling at our office (in addition to general recycling and organics). This is to ensure that staff have the means to sort rubbish accordingly.

These are just some small first steps we’ve taken to try to make a difference!

How can my club be more environmentally sustainable?

Container Deposit Scheme

Raise money for your club, while recycling with the Container Deposit Scheme!

Register your club for the Container Deposit Scheme and individuals can nominate your club to donate their earnings from each container!

The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) has started in Victoria and CDS Vic is giving charities and community groups the opportunity to raise funds while making an impact.


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Recycling your old sporting equipment

Does your club throw away your old sporting equipment once the season is over?

Game On Recycling is a national recycling scheme for sports equipment. That means rather than being thrown into landfills, sporting equipment including tennis balls, basketballs, volleyballs and footballs are donated or recycled. Items go towards flooring products like soft floor matting, underlays or sport surfaces.


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Consider your food and drink packaging

Why not go a step further and think about your food and drink packaging? 

Swap out Styrofoam containers and plastic cutlery, plates and cups for biodegradable alternatives such as bioplastics, bamboo or recycled materials. 


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