Become a more Inclusive Club

Many community sporting clubs are already doing great things to welcome and include people with a disability into their club environment. Sometimes however, clubs may need a little bit of advice and support to actively encourage people with a disability to participate fully in the life of their club.

There are lots of simple things that your club can do to become the most welcoming and inclusive environment that it can, and create a place where everyone wants to be. Being known as having a welcoming and inclusive culture can make your club more appealing to a whole range of new participants, members, volunteers, sponsors and supporters.

Sports Focus works with clubs to develop inclusive sport and recreation opportunities and environments for people of all abilities.

Is your club looking for ways to engage people with a disability?

Sports Focus can assist you with:

  • Where to start when considering providing an opportunity for people with a disability.
  • Assistance with the development of promotional material.
  • Promotion of club and inclusive opportunities to people with a disability through local disability service providers.
  • Advice on how to continue providing inclusive opportunities in to the future.

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