Alcohol Management

Sporting clubs play a pivotal role in the life of communities, particularly in rural and regional areas.  A thriving sporting environment extends beyond the playing field. It’s a place that fosters a culture that is healthy, welcoming, family-friendly and inclusive of all. Sporting clubs are in a unique position to be able to influence healthy lifestyles of their members through off-field aspects at the club.

Sports Focus can help your club to work towards building a healthy and safe environment for your members. An important part of this is to ensure that alcohol management is a strong focus for your club.

Why is alcohol management important for a sporting club?

  • It is a safer environment for your members and volunteers.
  • You can attract more junior members and families.
  • Demonstrating a healthy, safe environment is beneficial in the eyes of funders.
  • You can set an example and be role models for the broader community.

What can your club do to improve alcohol management practices?

  • Ensure you have a current liquor licence and understand and comply with the requirements.
  • Ensure your bar servers are trained in the Responsible Serving of Alcohol.
  • Have an Alcohol Management Policy in place which outlines the procedures in place to ensure a responsible approach to alcohol use.

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