Governance and Administration Support

Community Sport Partnerships

Sports Focus have recently developed a new consultancy arm to our business – Community Sport Partnerships (CSP). This program works intensively with clubs, one-on-one to deliver tailored outcomes for your organisation.

Please note that some of these services incur a fee. Speak to us about your needs and we can develop a proposal to suit your club.


We can:

  • Review your club’s constitution
  • Edit your current constitution
  • Develop a new constitution


Policy Development

We can:

  • Review and edit current policies
  • Develop new policies


Position Descriptions

We can:

  • Determine roles within your club
  • Assign roles to volunteer positions
  • Develop position descriptions

Our Community Sports Partnerships Consultant can help time-poor committees by freeing them of unwanted tasks and provide access to tools to help make their roles more effective.

We can:

  • Set your club up with an online governance platform account

  • Manage your committee meetings

  • Undertake bookkeeping

  • Take minutes

  • Compile agendas

  • Upskill and build capacity in your committee members

Communicating with your club members and volunteers is critical. Sports Focus understands the challenges of effectively sending out communications. These services are designed for sporting clubs to learn new skills or to relieve some of the burden on your volunteers.


We can:

  • Develop a new website for your club
  • Develop website, social media and/or newsletter content
  • Develop flyers, posters, presentations, etc.
  • Create newsletter and/or social media accounts
  • Train your volunteers to use newsletter, website and/or social media software

Sports Focus has a trained mediator on site. If initial dispute resolution processes do not lead to an outcome that is mutually agreed upon, formal mediation may be the next step.